Runs and Results

Run, Forrest, Run..

Using test Runs, you can configure a folder, environment, and an optional webhook integration for an easy one-click run-result-notification combo.

Creating a Run

  • Click the Runs tab then + NEW RUN CONFIG.
  • Enter a name for your run e.g. "smoke test".

  • Select the folder of tests you want to include in the run.

  • Select the applicable environment.
  • (Optionally) Select the Webhook Integration to send results to Slack or another application that supports it.
  • Set the webhook method, headers, and body. After you're finished, you can simulate success and failures to verify your config.

Navigate to to get up-to-date information on Slack webhooks.

When a test run finishes, you'll receive a sweet message!


When the run finishes, you now have the option to view the outcome.

The available result views are: "actions", "system logs", and "description logs".

Results is currently in beta. Result data is not persisted to your cloud account. Logging out or removing the extension will clear result data.

The views are filterable via tags and test run types.

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