When web projects are undergoing rapid development, automated testing code is usually the first to go because they just take too much time.
SnapTest makes it worth it again by massively speeding up test creation and maintenance.
See it in action:

How does SnapTest accomplish test convenience?

Auto-selector algorithms
Scale quickly with test components
Manage entire test suites
Run and debug tests directly in the browser
Playback control with breakpoints
CLI tool for quick test generation

Why would I commit time to this product?

You can get to 100% test coverage FAST by...

...recording as well as manually configuring tests.

You can avoid vendor lock by...

...generating 100% non-proprietary Selenium code in various frameworks.

You can worry less about flaky tests by...

...relying upon the consistency of professionally generated code.

You can manage test project scale by...

...using advanced project features.

You can improve the quality of your tests by...

...using professionally generated code that is constantly improving.

You can actually easily debug Selenium...

…using the advanced in-browser test emulator.