Release 0.5.0

September 17th, 2017

We just finished the "environments" release. This one is super important to us because it lays the groundwork for team related features. Learn more about environments on the new doc reference page.


New features:

  1. New environment section.
  2. New reference doc explaining what environments are.
  3. New Header with tabs.
  4. Dropdown for selecting your current environment.
  5. Environment variables apply to test playback.
  6. Current environment indicator when running single or multiple tests.

Release 0.4.9

September 6th, 2017


New features:

  1. Pass test variables as component instance variables.
  2. "Continue if failed" checkbox on all actions.
  3. Performance increases to playback speed.

Bugs fixed:

  1. Fixed persisted random variables changing when debugging.
  2. Fixed variable highlighting in action details.

Generator Open-sourced

September 1st, 2017

Generators are now open-source! This gives you the chance to:

  1. Write your own custom code generation.
  2. Adjust/tweak the official code generation for your use cases.


  1. Open sourced the snaptest-cli and generators open-sourced.
  2. New doc for writing custom generators.
  3. Added way to run custom generator files through the cli with a -c flag. (View custom generator tutorial for examples).
  4. Added a variable reference doc page.
  5. Improved the Generator Action Contract documentation to aid in creating a new generator.

New Docs...

August 21st, 2017

As a response to the many people wanting better documentation, we've added an entire new Doc section to our website! The first major pages we made are:

  1. SnapTest Overview: includes best practices when using SnapTest
  2. Getting Started Guide: textual version of the 7-minute-guide video.
  3. Actions: A technical overview of the actions
  4. FAQ: A list of the many questions ya'll have asked us.

We will have many new guides and reference sections soon, stay in touch!

Release 0.4.7

August 16th, 2017

Big update today! No longer do you need to run a test one-by-one in the extension, instead you can run entire selections of tests. Here's how you do it now:

Another big feature is the ability to clear cookies on a site. This is useful when you want a test to start in a logged out state.

Another way we'e improved recording and playback is by adding support for input elements that use the "contenteditable" attribute.


New features:

  1. Run multiple tests at once.
  2. Replay single test failure from the multi-test result.
  3. Clear cookies action.
  4. Add recording and playback for contenteditable elements.

Release 0.4.5

August 13th, 2017

This is a small release. Major update is a way to easily toggle between regular expression and string assertions on the "path is...", "input value is..." and "text is..." actions. "S" stand for String, and "R" stands for Regular Expression.

This solves issues such as a randomly generated path. For example, sometimes clicking on an item in a list will go to a url like "/item/123xk3ksoe" - it may be impossible to know the ID, so you can now assert that the path is "item\/.+"


New features:

  1. Toggle between String and Regular expressions
  2. New open/closed folder icon
  3. Better directory dragging/dropping.
  4. SnapTest cli 0.1.2 now properly reports assertions.

Release 0.4.3

August 13th, 2017

Hi everyone, minor "Quality of life" update here. As more and more people use SnapTest in teams, the need to point them at different environments is becoming bigger. Let's say you record a test, and it generates the first page load on "localhost:3001/" ... but then a coworker wants to run the company tests in Snaptest, but they only use the external development server at This poses a problem because your url was essentially hardcoded when playing back in the tool (not in the generated Selenium code tho).

So I put together advanced variables, which allow you to set "baseUrl" - now you can run the tests in SnapTest against different environments. When you hit "record", it generates a variable for you and places it like the following:

^^ Notice the new variable hightlighting!

Now you can change one variable, and run the test against any environment you like. There will soon be ways to run test "instances" so you can override the default variables with instance specific ones, just like you can with components now.

Also, you can set other custom variables for your test like so:


New features:

  1. Variables in tests as well as components
  2. Auto-generate baseUrl variable on recording a new test
  3. Variable highlighting
  4. Better variable styling
  5. Test descriptions

Release 0.4.2

August 12th, 2017

New features:

  1. Test auto-scrolling during playback.
  2. Rollover menu for actions to save space.
  3. Shift up / Shift down buttons for actions.
  4. Duplicate action button.
  5. Action cleanup across the board - faster and easier to add comments.
  6. Test header section added (will include test description and variables soon)
  7. Reworked the header on all page, improved the back button.

Minor changes:

  1. Record and Assert button styling more clearly indicate on/off state.
  2. Better "code" icon
  3. Fix some janky behavior in the menu dropdown.

Release 0.3.8

August 8th, 2017

New features:

  1. Playback speed (normal, slow, super slow, and custom)
  2. Test looping - repeats entire test as many times specified.
  3. Tooltips on test dashboard.

Minor changes:

  1. Fixed issue where tool was hanging after viewing live code output.

Release 0.3.6

August 1st, 2017

New features:

  1. Added Chromeless prototype generator (beta)
  2. Added Chromeless full-project generator (beta)
  3. Add live code generation output viewer
  4. Updated the code generation page to handle multiple frameworks/styles.

Minor changes:

  1. Fixed small bug when moving tests/components in the directory tree.